HILLARY CLINTON: Said THIS is Her Most Important Attribute

Hillary CHumility – a modest or low view of one’s own importance. Sorry, Hillary, that just doesn’t sound like you.

In closing, Sanders says his father didn’t have money and lived in a  three bedroom rent-controlled apartment. He says a horrendous tragedy took place in Flint but 29 million do not have health insurance while school systems are collapsing. America is the wealthiest country in the world but Sanders says most people don’t know that because all of the wealth is going to the top. Sanders says it is too late for “establishment politics and establishment economics.” He wants a revolution to reclaim the government that men and women fought and died for.

Clinton says she is running for president to do her best to knock down barriers and allow every American to live up to his/her God-given potential. She says there are barriers to quality healthcare, education. She wants to take on barriers of systemic racism. She says she may not have experienced it but she sees it every single day. She will do whatever she can to “run a campaign you can be proud of.” She says she will not “get into the gutter” with the GOP nominee. Clinton then promptly starts coughing right after her closing statement.

9:55: Clinton is asked to who and for whom do you pray. She prays specifically for people she knows and people who have either gone through or are experiencing difficult times–illness, divorce, death, disappointment. She prays for the will of God to be known so that we can know it and, to the best of our limited ability, try to follow it and fulfill it. She points out that she is a “praying person” and she would have “become one” if she hadn’t been during her time in the White House…

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She says humility is the most important attribute.

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