Hillary Condemns Weinstein Over Sexual Harassment Allegations, Fails to Send Back Money He…

The worlds of politics and Hollywood have collided once again and it is the Left that is dealing with all the drama.

Harvey Weinstein has had several female celebrities come out and accuse him of sexual harassment — to which he was fired from his own company.

On Monday, Hillary Clinton condemned the mogul’s actions. You see Weinstein donated thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, the Hillary Victory Fund and to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign; so there is a strong connection between the two.

So far, the Daily Mail, reported that Clinton has refused to comment on if any of the donations would be sent back. The itemized amounts that were received are: $250k to the Clinton Foundation, $30k to the Hillary Victory Fund (maximum allowed), and $5,400 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign (maximum allowed).

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“The Clinton Foundation, which has received up to $250,000 from Weinstein, has not responded since Friday to multiple requests from the DailyMail.com about whether Clinton will return the money received by the foundation or her political campaign,” the Daily Mail said.

The New York Times documented the explosive list of accusations against Weinstein on Thursday, which ranged from asking a female assistant to massage him while he was naked, to masturbating in front of a former Fox News reporter at a restaurant,” revealed the Daily Wire.

Hillary was radio silent, even to CNN, over the whole situation:

Liberals started hounding her for this. Krystal Ball, candidate for Democratic House and former MSNBC host, said:

Finally today Hillary released a statement:



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