HILLARY HATES THIS: Politician’s Daughter Celebrates 21st B-Day with Glock, Dog and Tiara

This 21yr-old beauty is celebrating her birthday right!

But liberals will have a complete meltdown down over the GLOCK in her hand.

Hillary especially wouldn’t like this.

Her father isn’t one who is shy about his second amendment rights either!

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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry may not be pissing off liberals from the Governor’s mansion anymore, but he hasn’t stopped pissing them off.

He sent out a picture of his daughter Sydney on her 21st birthday of a bit of Perry family nostalgia that will have Texans, gun rights advocates and dog lovers alike grinning from ear to ear. He announced on Twitter that the picture was of Sydney 9 years earlier, holding her two favorite things:

A photo posted by GovernorPerry (@governorperry) on


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