HILLARY & HUMA: Clinton Massages Abedin in ‘Intimate Meeting’ — Jealous Chelsea Treats Her Bad When Mommy is Away…

Hillary is just a spoiled witch with a capital ‘B‘. To top that off, her daughter seems to have picked up on mom’s habits. Just check out this weird family. It’s all for show with them.

Huma Abedin came down the stairs in Chappaqua, rubbing her puffy eyes and looking a bit disheveled.

‘Did you get your power nap?’ Hillary asked.

She placed both hands on Huma’s neck and began massaging her shoulders.

‘Huma smiled, but looked embarrassed,’ recalled one of Hillary’s oldest friends, who had been invited along with a group of women to spend the afternoon with Hillary, and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the Chappaqua get together was private. ‘Huma’s tough, but there are times when she can look like a shy little girl, especially when Hillary displays an interest in her in front of other people.’

Huma went off to a corner of the room to check on Hillary’s emails, and one of the women handed Hillary a glass of Chardonnay. After a sip, Hillary recounted a conversation she had had with her lawyer, David Kendall, about the enemies who were closing in on her from all sides.

Chelsea Clinton was respectful of Huma when her mother was around, but she treated Huma with undisguised contempt when Hillary wasn’t present. In fact, Chelsea seemed happiest when her mother chewed out Huma for doing something that displeased her.

Hillary was aware of Chelsea’s feelings, and she dismissed the whole thing as a case of natural sibling rivalry.

But the highly charged emotional triangle that existed among Hillary, Huma, and Chelsea was more complicated than that.

‘Unlike Hillary’s relationship with Huma, her relationship with Chelsea is remote and somewhat cold,’ said one of Hillary’s friends. ‘Chelsea is not a warm person. I’ve never seen them embrace or kiss on the cheek or show any sign of affection, except when they’re in public and putting on a show.’


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