HILLARY IS GAGA OVER SNAPCHAT: ‘I Love It. Those Messages Disappear All by Themselves’

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.44.52 AMToo soon? I would say.

After a week of bad press surrounding her email server Hillary Clinton returned to Iowa this evening, dukes up, hitting Republicans in Congress who have taken her to task over Benghazi and her secret server, GOP frontrunner for president Donald Trump and the Super PACs working against her.

And she’s ‘just getting warmed up.’

Clinton embraced the brouhaha over her private server at the Democratic Party ‘Wing Ding’ in Clear Lake, Iowa, and mocked Republicans accusing her of acting sinisterly.

Noting that she recently opened a Snapchat account, Clinton joked, ‘I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.’

And she didn’t stop there. She kept dinging the Republican Party and its candidates for president for the next 20 minutes, including a ‘certain flamboyant front-runner’ – Donald Trump.

‘But don’t let the circus distract’ you,’ she told a sold-out crowd. ‘If you look at their policies, most other candidates are just Trump without the pizzazz or the hair.’

They have all made outrageous statements, she said, taking aim at Marco Rubio, who she said ‘brags’ about wanting to prevent women who are the victims of rape and incest from access to abortions, and Jeb Bush, who recently scoffed at the idea of directing 500 million in federal dollars to women’s health.

‘And they all want to defund Planned Parenthood,’ she said. ‘Well, why don’t they try telling that to the mom who caught her breast cancer early because she was able to get a screening.’

The room was electric as Clinton took on her enemies, one by one. So impassioned was the former secretary of state that several minutes before she concluded her remarks, she fell into a coughing fit, and had to halt her speech to grab a few swigs of water.

‘You guys have been revving me up so much,’ she said, her voice cracking.

‘I’ve been talking too much,’ she choked out.

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