HILLARY IS ‘HISPANDERING’: Faces Backlash After ‘Abuela’ Post and it is Hilarious

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 11.03.53 AMCan’t/won’t stop laughing.

The internet said not-so-fast this week to Hillary Clinton, when her campaign posted a list of seven ways she’s ‘just like your abuela’ – the Spanish word for grandmother.

The post said Clinton was like a Hispanic grandma because she worried about children, read to you before bed and ‘isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto,’ which means respect in Spanish, a word Clinton’s team repeated several times on the list.

Clinton also poses for pictures with Latino singer Marc Anthony, just like abuela, the list suggested.

Critics quickly called this ‘Hispandering,’ the portmanteau of the words Hispanic and pandering, and the hashtag #NotMyAbuela was born.

The complaints about the post ranged from silly to serious, with some Twitter users suggesting Clinton was #NotMyAbuela because she didn’t live in poverty and wasn’t separated from her loved ones by a border.

Others chided Clinton for not knowing what adobo seasoning is, which is great in guacamole.

While another suggested the Clinton campaign had figured out an algorithm to attract the Latino vote.

‘Spanglish + talk about “respeto” + Hillary gif + Mark Anthony = Latino vote,’ wrote Twitter user Gabe Gonzalez.

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At the conclusion of the online list, Hillary Clinton's campaign tacked on a picture of the candidate posing with popular Latino singer Marc Anthony 

Twitter user Jasdye contributed one of the most popular offerings using the hashtag #NotMyAbuela 

While some critics aired serious grievances about the posting, others were sillier - like this contribution by Eliel Cruz asking Hillary Clinton if she knows what adobo seasoning is 

Twitter user Gabe Gonzalez noted the the list read like an algorithm to capture the Latino vote - with the campaign's multiple uses of Spanglish and its posting of a picture of Hillary Clinton and Marc Anthony 

One Twitter user noticed that the Clinton campaign had softened the language of the headline after the post was roundly mocked online 


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