SAY WHAT? Hillary is RATED by the NRA–Results Will Have You Scratching Your Head

hillary-shockedHillary will be a little less than thrilled to see this poll.

She should be showing all zeroes.

Do you think the NRA is doing this just to mess with her head?

A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports shows the NRA’s favorable rating is 54% and a Gallup poll shows that Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating is 41%.

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This is an interesting contrast when one considers that Clinton purposely confronted the NRA as a way to differentiate between herself and other Democrat primary candidates in the fall of 2015. The New York Times reported on her October 16, 2015 appearance in Keene, N.H., in which Clinton “promised to take on the [NRA] in aggressively pressing for gun control.”

She released an ad that same month in which she said, “I will not be silenced. I will keep taking on the NRA.”


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