Hillary Makes This Comment About Women And INSTANTLY Regrets It – Did She Lose Their Support?

Hillary has taken for granted the women vote this election. Not only has Trump’s past helped in that area, but Hillary is a woman herself and for some that’s all it takes. Feminist say they support equality one-hundred and ten percent. Ask them if they support women being be drafted too, they aren’t going to be thrilled about that. Hillary has this to say about the topic and it’s not sitting well with women.

On Wednesday, Hillary told the Huffington Post that she backs legislation requiring women to register for the draft, moments before the Senate voted in favor of the measure.

I am on record as supporting the all-volunteer military, which I think at this time does serve our country well,” she said. “And I am very committed to supporting and really lifting up the men and women in uniform and their families,” she continued. 

Needless to say, most women don’t want to be drafted. Following her statements, the hashtag #DraftOurDaughters began trending on Twitter, turning into a PR nightmare for the Clinton campaign.





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