HILLARY: Not Worried About Trump’s Jail Comments, ‘We Don’t Do That In America’–Is It Time To Start?

Hillary is finally right about something, we don’t put powerful felons like her in jail. But hopefully if Trump is elected that will soon change.

Hillary Clinton says she’s not worried that Donald Trump will make good on his threat to ‘jail’ her if he wins.

‘I have no concerns about [that] whatsoever,’ she told reporters traveling on her plane from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia after DailyMail.com asked her about his pledge.

The Republican said he’ll appoint a special prosecutor to look into her emails and told Clinton she’d ‘be in jail’ if he were in the White House now.

‘Every time Donald Trump says he wants to jail his opponent, meaning me, I think to myself, you know, we don’t do that in America,’ Clinton said earlier in the evening at her Pittsburgh rally. ‘We actually have laws and courts and an independent judiciary.’

Clinton sent out an SOS at the event to voters thinking of casting a ballot for her opponent, warning that he’ll upend core democratic values.

Years from now Clinton says she hopes voters will be able say that ‘when everything was on the line,’ they ‘voted for a better America.’

The debate that’s happening in America is ‘about more than winning an election’ she said, it’s about the ‘lessons we want to teach our sons and daughters.’

‘Most Americans really believe that we can do better,’ she assessed. ‘Most Americans believes that women should be respected.’ Most believe that workers should be ‘paid fairly’ and the country should ‘work with our allies to lead the world’ to a safer and more prosperous future.’


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