Hillary Preaches on INEQUALITY While Wardrobe Budget Reaches Six Figures

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.11.20 AMDang! At least Trump admits he has a cr*p load of money and doesn’t hide it. I thought you were dirt broke, Hillary? What happened to that?

When Hillary Clinton won the New York primary in April, she called for ‘raising wages and reducing inequality’ and building ‘ladders of opportunity’ while sporting a $12,495 Georgio Armani jacket.

It was just one small part of a major wardrobe overhaul that one fashion expert pegged as a six-figure operation, the New York Post reported.

It wasn’t just in New York, where Clinton was photographed recently leaving a Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue accompanied by longtime aide Huma Abedin, where Clinton sported fancy fashions.

She also wore a $4,000 white jacket by Susanna Beverly Hills on the campaign trail in rural Iowa.

‘She’s had to have spent in the six figures on this wardrobe overhaul,’ Los Angeles-based image consultant Patsy Cisneros told the paper.

For her campaign kickoff on Roosevelt Island, Clinton wore a custom blue silk Lauren suit that cost upwards of $2,200, according to the paper.

For a New York funder, she opted for a beaded coat by Andrew Gn comparable to a $3,000 selling at Bergdorf Goodman.

Her counterpart, real estate mogul Donald Trump, has been reported to favor Brioni suits that can cost more than $7,000.

Clinton’s fashion choices have been getting an upgrade from her 2008 run and her service as secretary of state, when Clinton made jokes about her penchant for pants suits part of her repertoire.

‘She’s moved away from those monochromatic pantsuits,’ says Washington, DC style blogger Christina Logothetis told the paper. ‘And she is just generally looking much more pulled-together . It was a really necessary refresh.’

The elegant below-the-waist jacket Clinton sported for her New York primary speech may have clashed with her rhetoric – although she did call for Americans to be able to move up the ladder of success.

‘In this campaign, we are setting bold progressive goals backed up by real plans that will improve lives, creating more good jobs that provide dignity and pride in a middle class life, raising wages and reducing inequality,’ Clinton said, and ‘making sure all our kids get a good education no matter what zip code they live in.’


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