HILLARY: All ‘Smoke… No Fire’, Now Look the Other Way Sheeple

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.50.58 AMHillary is pissed off about the AP report on her Foundation donors. So upset that she can’t let others do the lying for her, she had to do it herself! Check this out.

Hillary has fought back against accusations that she should not have met with Clinton Foundation donors while she was secretary of state.

The Democrat nominee fired back on Wednesday after Donald Trump blasted her ties to the charitable organisation, saying ‘it is impossible to figure out where the Clinton Foundation ends and the State Department begins.’

Clinton has been accused of using her role in public office for personal gain.

The claims come after an AP report revealed how roughly half of 154 people who spoke to Clinton while she led the State Department were donors in some form to the Clinton Foundation.

The AP report said that of 154 people Clinton met, 85 were donors to the tune of a collective $156 million.

But Clinton said that the article was not representative of her time at the State Department.

‘Put it in context, [it] excludes nearly 2,000 meetings I had with world leaders, plus countless other meetings with U.S. government officials when I was Secretary of State. It looked at a small portion of my time,’ Clinton told the Anderson Cooper 360 program. 

‘It drew the conclusion and made the suggestion that my meetings with people like the late, great, Elie Wiesel, on Melinda Gates, or the Nobel Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus were somehow due to connections with the foundation instead of their status as highly respected global leaders.

‘That is absurd. These are people I was proud to meet with, who any Secretary of State would have been proud to meet with and hear about their work and their insight.’


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