Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.02.57 AMSarah Hamilton’s gmail account has been hacked. The attack is said to be coming for Russia. Either way, the details are more than embarrassing. Check it.

The breach of Hamilton’s Gmail account provided hackers with a glimpse at the inner workings of a massive presidential campaign–from schedules and talking points to briefing books and assorted logistics. But the records are absent the kind of intel for which hackers were probably searching, like policy discussions and confidential deliberations.

A February e-mail chain details how aides marshaled advance and press staffers to thwart reporters at a Las Vegas rally attended by the candidate, her daughter Chelsea, and former President Bill Clinton.

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Anticipating that all three Clintons would work the crowd following the Democratic candidate’s speech, a campaign official advised that a ropeline had to be “covered with staff bodies to make sure the crowd can get to the ropeline and you stay in front of cameras.” Sarah Pollack, who works on the campaign’s “National Press Advance Desk,” noted that while “Press have been politely yet firmly asked to stay in press areas but we should expect press and cameras to move forward for ropeline.”

In a series of e-mails, members of the ropeline platoon reported on the movement of journalists, especially Dan Merica, a CNN producer covering the Clinton campaign.

After an advance staffer wrote to report that an aggressive French journalist was “at stage right,” the Merica tracking kicked in.

“Watch out for Dan Merica center right,” a press aide warned. Eight minutes later, an advance team member wrote, “Dan Merica stage left.” A minute later Hamilton advised colleagues, “French journos and dan merica heading to stage right.” Moments later, a new Merica update came from an advance team member: “Dan America is on backstage bleachers.” Less than a minute later, the staffer gave an update: “I’m with dan America on back stage bleachers.”

It appears Merica was being secretly tracked by campaign workers concerned that the CNN employee might detonate a question if he got too close to any of the Clintons.

When Clinton visited Chicago in mid-March, the local press pool included Lynn Sweet, the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times. In an e-mail to Hamilton (“Subject: Lynn Sweet”), campaign traveling press secretary Nick Merrill advised, “Let’s keep an eye on her.” Hamilton immediately replied, “Yes. I’m sitting next to her on the bus.”


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