HILLARY THE HAG: During Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal Hillary Told Aides to Hide Her or They Were Fired

Hillary is viscous.

Hillary Clinton imposed a blanket of secrecy on her movements at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and told aides they would be fired if she was seen, it is claimed.

Mrs Clinton said that she wanted nobody to know when she was going to the pool apart from one usher who was to guide her there.

There she would spend three and a half hours sitting on her own reading looking ‘heartbroken’, according to a new book.

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The vivid account is written by Kate Andersen Brower, a former White House correspondent for Bloomberg News in ‘The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.’

She tells how in the summer of 1998, a few days before Mr Clinton would admit to sex with former White House intern Miss Lewinsky, usher Worthington White was approached by Mrs Clinton.

She told him that she wanted to go to the pool but that only he could see her – no other aides and no Secret Service.

Mr White said that he told Mrs Clinton’s lead Secret Service agent: ‘If anybody sees her, or she sees anybody, I’m going to get fired, I know it. And you probably will too’.

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