Hillary to Military K9 Handler, ‘Get That F**king Dog Away From Me’–Starts Verbal Attack on Security Detail

The K9 handler, Eric Bonner, claims he won’t be voting for Hillary after a recent encounter with her. He’s done detail for GW and Obama, who both were cordial, but Hillary was the worst. After posting his encounter with the Hildebeest, Bonner’s Facebook account was suspended in a convenient and timely manner.

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Facebook needed to verify his identity and suspended his account until he could do so. Bonner declared, “The timing of it was interesting.”

As for those doubting the accuracy of Bonner’s claims, Snopes has done an excellent job of pointing out facts that make the incident, at the very least, plausible.

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Bonner and Suli were indeed on duty in Turkey in 2009 as evidenced by an article regarding a surgical procedure performed on his K9.

Additionally, State Department records indicate Clinton did make a trip to Turkey to meet with that country’s foreign minister a few months earlier.

Honestly, does anyone doubt a story involving Hillary berating her military security detail and telling them to “get that F**king dog away from me?”

We didn’t think so.


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