Hillary Wins Champion for Girls Award, Bill’s Rape Victim is FUMING — Can You Blame Her?

So guess who just accepted a Champion For Girls award? If you said someone who has been an inspiration for women, you would be wrong. Hillary Clinton (nope, we aren’t lying) received the award for all her “accomplishments” on behalf of girls “everywhere.” You know, except for every woman ever. But we seem to be ignoring that…

Not everyone had their rose colored glasses on, though. Some were very upset by this. One of those people was Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bill’s sexual assault victims.

Broaddrick was not impressed

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Broaddrick, who has accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1978, said, “It is difficult for me, a rape survivor of Bill Clinton, to understand how Hillary Clinton could be given the ‘2017 Champion for Girls Award’ from Girls Inc.

“Hillary was never a champion for the women her husband abused. She was the opposite. She threatened and humiliated us,” Broaddrick tells The American Mirror, referring to Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, as well.

“The leaders of this young women’s group should be ashamed of their actions. By giving this award to Hillary Clinton, they are implying enablers of sexual abuse crimes should not be held accountable.”

H/T: Louder With Crowder


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