Hillary’s Media Tries to DOWNPLAY Wikileaks–‘Too Complex’ for Everyday Americans…

Seriously? It seems like it’s been pretty straight forward.

The more the media and the Clinton campaign team denounces the emails released by Wikileaks while continuing to blame the hackers they are just burying Hillary among mainstream voters. This is real news.

Okay people, in the video below, what this panel of “political experts” are saying is we are all so stupid unless someone smart like them takes the time to explain everything to us, we just won’t understand what a deceitful piece of crap Hillary is.

So let me get this straight, voters are too stupid to realize that Hillary is a criminal, and her staff is a bunch of criminals, and your IT department was a group of criminals while she was Secretary of State! But Donald Trump is a bad man, and the public can relate to that and understand it with their feeble minds! What the hell is wrong with you people?

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You know I am real tired of the press thinking American citizens are too stupid to understand. Like they are all geniuses. They read what they are told to read, and think. So, who do they think they are fooling?!


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