Hillary’s Only Saving Grace? Accuse Trump of Being ‘RACIST’ to Racist Terror Group that MURDERED 11 Cops

Hillary is scratching and clawing for support. She has the media to cover up her struggle, but these moves show desperation. Check this out.

Hillary Clinton is delivering a much anticipated speech today on the Alt-right movement.

Hillary’s campaign hopes to paint all Trump supporters as racists in order to secure votes.

This comes after a week of devastating reports on her history of corruption and lies. It also comes after polls showing Trump gaining with African-Americans.

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She had to change the subject.
So she’s going to accuse Trump supporters of being racist.

Of course, she won’t mention her own support of the Black Lives Matter terrorist group.
Black Lives Matter is behind the deaths of at least 11 police officers in the past year.
Hillary supports this group.

Here is the list—
The Black Lives Matter Kill List—
At least 11 police officers were shot dead and several shot and injured by Black Lives Matter activists since the movement began in August 2014.

This is likely an incomplete list…..

Democrats support this criminal movement.

In September 2015— Black Lives Matter activist Joseph Ponder shot a police officer in in Kentucky.
joseph ponder

Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder was gunned down in Kentucky. Kentucky State Police

The suspect Joseph Johhson-Shanks fled the scene on foot and later died after his capture.
black lives matter killer johnson shanks

Joseph Johnson Shanks was an Obama supporter, a Black Lives Matter activist and attended Mike Brown’s funeral in Ferguson.

In March 2015— St. Louis County officials released the name of the Ferguson police shooter on Sunday.
mugshot williams
Jeffrey Williams was a frequent attendee at the Ferguson protests. He was friends with Michael Brown buddy Dorian Wilson.

Jeffrey Williams shot one police officer in the face and another in the shoulder.

The gunman was a fugitive who had just murdered his girlfriend in Baltimore Saturday morning, sources told The Post.

From the killer’s Instagram account:


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