Hillary’s Team Steps-Up RECOUNT Game, What They are Doing Makes Her Look DESPERATE

And that’s because she is desperate. She had her tail between her legs. She was “accepting” her defeat. Then her team (and liberals everywhere) told her that she should challenge the vote. Her little heart fluttered again. But when it looked dismal, she told everyone to step it up. And that’s why we are at this point.

A leader of Hillary Clinton‘s Michigan campaign is urging volunteers to assist in a state recount the the campaign itself is trying to hold at a distance even while participating.

‘We need all hands on deck. Will you sign up to volunteer to help with the recount here in Michigan?’ Katie Kelly, described as the Michigan lead for Hillary for America, wrote supporters in an email appeal Wednesday.

Clinton narrowly lost the normally Democratic state to President-elect Donald Trump, who beat her by 10,704 votes.

The email pitch, which was reported by the Daily Caller, provided a link to an online sign up. ‘Help with the Michigan recount,’ it said. ‘Let us know if you want to get involved.’

THE CHAD ARE RUNNING: A Clinton official from Michigan is seeking volunteers to help participate in a recount

‘In the weeks since the heartbreak of Election Day, our campaign has taken a number of steps to verify the accuracy of the vote tally in a few critical battleground states — and to this point, we’ve found no evidence that would change the outcome,’ Kelly wrote.

‘But as you might have heard, now that others have asked for a recount of the vote here in Michigan, we will participate to make sure everyone who voted for Hillary in this state has their interests represented.’


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