HIRING REPUBLICANS: Clinton Obsessed Google Now Extends Olive Branch to Conservatives


Silicon Valley was betting on Hillary to win. So much so that they wanted to influence the election with the ‘power’ of their companies. Despite their efforts, Trump won. Now they’re trying to make up for that and go with what the people of this nation want. Is this a good move for them?

Alphabet’s Google is racing to hire more conservatives for its lobbying and policy arm, trying to get a foothold in President-elect Donald Trump’s Washington after enjoying a uniquely close relationship with the administration of President Barack Obama.

In the weeks since the Nov. 8 election, Google has ramped up efforts to hire Republican lobbying firms and in-house lobbyists to change the composition of its Washington office, according to three lobbyists with knowledge of the matter.

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The company also posted an advertisement for a manager for conservative outreach and public policy partnership, seeking a “liaison to conservative, libertarian and free market groups.” While the position is not new, it gives Google a chance to make a hire that reflects the new political climate. Conservatives already are represented in the office.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the record for this article.

CEO Larry Page of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is expected to be in the room on Wednesday when Trump convenes a gathering of leaders of some of the largest technology companies in his New York headquarters. The session, organized by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, adviser Reince Priebus and Trump supporter and tech financier Peter Thiel, is billed as an introductory meeting that would not result in any job or investment announcements, two sources briefed on the talks said.

Others attending are Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Oracle CEO Safra Catz, according to sources familiar with the session plans.

The Information Technology Industry Council, a trade group whose members include Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, had a conference call last Friday to discuss policy objectives it could agree on to present to Trump, according to a person familiar with the call.


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