Holder to be held over for Obama’s second term

Obama-HolderWhile most major members of the Obama administration — including Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Timothy Geithner and others — are being replaced by new appointees, on Wednesday it was confirmed that Attorney General Eric Holder is staying at the Justice Department when President Barack Obama starts his second term.

The White House announced on Wednesday that Holder is among the Obama minions who will remain in the administration during its second-term.

Holder is currently working closely with Vice President Joe Biden on a gun control task force, a subject close to Holder’s heart. According to the White House, it is rare for an attorney general to serve more than four years. The last one who did was Janet Reno during the Clinton Administration who also was a strong proponent of disarming American citizens.

Holder has been the target of fierce criticism from Republicans and many law enforcement officials, who pushed for his resignation or firing after a botched federal scheme known as Operation Fast and Furious that allowed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to illegally slip 2,000 weapons into Mexico.

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Holder denied knowing about the operation in spite of evidence to the contrary discovered by lawmakers in both houses of Congress.

But this wasn’t the first time Holder’s honesty had come into question. Even before taking office, Holder may have hid information from lawmakers, according to an Oct. 11, 2011, news story in the Law Enforcement Examiner.

In the past, Justice Department officials have admitted that when members of the U.S. Senate — including Judiciary Committee members — were considering the nomination of Eric Holder as President Obama’s attorney general in 2009, he failed to disclose all of the legal briefs he had written or signed from his time in private practice especially those briefs that are pertinent to his current positions and views during the so-called war on terrorism.

The issue of Holder’s past legal papers came up after some Republicans asked why lawyers who had previously done legal work for terror detainees now had jobs in the Justice Department, something President Barack Obama successfully avoided…




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