Holding Politicians Accountable: Because Journalists Don’t Know How

accountabilitySince September 11, 2011, I have followed the Benghazi story because I was sure that there would be some sort of accounting for the fact that we lost four good men for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, on September 12 I realized that this administration was, as usual, more interested in covering their own butts than accounting for our mistakes and learning from them. It shouldn’t have surprised me that the mainstream media would also ignore this story as if it was nothing more than a minor fender bender in front of City Hall.

Greg Gutfeld summed it up best by saying, “The media would not know a good story if they woke up next to it after they were drunk last night. For them Benghazi is like an ugly wallflower at the prom. They just want to dance with Obama all night.”

Now it is in that spirit that we are going to cover this issue of the shameful media presence in America today. It is the responsibility of each and every true American that reads this to spread the word and make sure that these hearing don’t get stuck on the back of the shelf to be forgotten and covered with dust.

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