Is Hollywood Blaming Trump for Their Comedies Sucking? Sure Sounds Like it.

Variety editor Seth Kelley published an op-ed titled “‘The House,’ ‘Rough Night’ and Why the R-Rated, Raunchy Comedy’s Box Office Partying Days Might Be Over“.

In the column he makes the case that many of the raunchy, ‘party’ comedies are no longer seeing success in the box-office, pointing to the failure of ‘Rough Night’ and ‘The House’.

Kelley didn’t make the case that Americans could be tired of ‘The Hangover’ type comedies being repeated over-and-over.

Instead he blames these comedies lack of success… on Trump?

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But why aren’t critics and audiences pleased? Another point that’s been raised is that many of the scripts produced and released this summer were sold in a pre-Trump era.

The definition of what makes a good comedy has changed quickly and dramatically in the past year.

“Saturday Night Live” and late-night television have captured much of the comedy zeitgeist during and especially since the election — how are movies supposed to compete?

Unlike a daily or weekly television show with a team of writers reacting to that day’s trending story, most movies spend years in development before hitting the big screen.

Studios can only hope that the next big idea for what comedy means today is already in the works.

Kind of far-fetched, right?

Here is the assumption we’re making.

Americans are looking for something that hasn’t been pushed down their throats, repeatedly, by Hollywood .

Basically, they want original, creative entertainment. ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ were successful because they had that element.

If Hollywood starts blaming Trump for all their woes, good luck succeeding.

Trump supporters will not tolerate such propaganda; and that is over half of the country.


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