Hollywood’s anti-gun show comes to D.C.

asNothing adds pizazz to a tired policy issue in Washington like flying in celebrities for a news conference. Gun-control advocates have been losing legislative steam since the Newtown, Conn., tragedy, so they called on the glitterati to brighten their case before the Capitol hallways on Wednesday. The effort did more harm than good.

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns invited six actors and two children of political leaders killed by guns to the gabfest.

Tony Bennett came up with a rather extreme comparison. “It’s the kind of turn that happened to the great country of Germany,” said the crooner. “When the Nazis came over, they did tragic things. And they had to be told off. And if we continue this kind of violence accepted in our country, the rest of the world is going to really take care of us in a very bad way.”

Actor and comedian Chris Rock never mentioned firearms in his 30-second speech. “I’m here to support the president of the United States. The president and the first lady are kinda the mom and dad of the country, and when your dad says…

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