HOLOCAUST REFLECTIONS: ‘Hitler Wanted to Destroy Us Because We Were Morally Strong’ [WATCH]

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To think that people today don’t acknowledge that the Holocaust actually happened is beyond me.

Former president Shimon Peres showed his support for a new European campaign to fight anti-Semitism in a special video on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Hitler wanted to destroy us not because we are physically strong, but because we are morally strong,” Peres said. “We paid a high price but we won’t unease that. To be a Jew means still to follow the moral call and keep our children Jewish.”

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On April 8, the Brussels-based European Jewish Association launched the unique campaign calling on people in Europe, of all beliefs and backgrounds, to don kippot and other Jewish apparel, then film themselves walking down the street to show their opposition to rising anti-Semitism.

After posting their videos on social media, participants are then asked to challenge five friends to take part in the campaign, or to otherwise donate $18 to the Jewish advocacy group.

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