HOLY SH*T: Flaming Arrow Stunt Goes TERRIBLY WRONG–Gets Hit in Throat [VIDEO]

I wonder if they’re going to stay engaged after this mishap. Very unfortunate outcome, but this is what happens when you place yourself as the target.

An act on America’s Got Talent turned into disaster when one contestant had a flaming arrow fired into his neck by his fiancée.

Canadian stunt man Ryan Stock was ready to impress the audience and judges as he fed a pole with a bullseye attached down his throat Tuesday night.

His raven-haired performance partner and fiancée Amberlynn Walker, then prepared the arrow – which had been set alight – and fired.  

Unfortunately for Stock, his partner’s aim was less than perfect and instead of hitting the bulls eye, it hit his throat.

As a chintzy soundtrack played in the background, Stock grappled with his neck and tried to bat away the fiery needle.

‘You’re not on fire,’ host Nick Cannon said, breaking the shocked silence, before Ryan, still rubbing the red mark near his throat, insisted: ‘I’m OK, I’m OK.’

‘It just caught my shirt. She missed it,’ he added, clearly in shock.

‘No no no no no you’re not OK,’ Howie insisted. ‘Listen, um – I don’t think you are.’

Pointing out he was clearly ‘in pain,’ he insisted he needed to go straight to an EMT, failing to hide his frustration when Ryan tried to brush it off and deny needing help.

The show – which is filmed live – continued to air as Cannon made sure Stock was okay while the judges looked on in horror.

Simon was even more blunt when he interrupted Heidi and asked: ‘Why are we judging this act?

‘Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital now! I’m being serious.’

‘Go!’ Howie agreed.

‘We have to be responsible here – you are hurt,’ Howie told him sternly. ‘The audience just saw what can happen. I hate that I just saw what could happen.’

Mel B seemed lost for words at the accident, calling it ‘frightening,’ while Heidi said it ‘really really scared me.’

‘It scared me the first two times that I’ve seen you guys,’ she said, having previously wanted them off the how after getting grossed out when Ryan swallowed an electric drill and balanced a chainsaw in his mouth.


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