Not only is the criminal suing, but the homeowner who defended his property is going bankrupt because of the case.

There is no doubt that this is an injustice. Joe Balistreri and his family had spent the night at his parents’ house in Foster City, California. After he shot an intruder in the home, Balistreri was then sued by the intruder in a civil suit, which placed a large monetary burden on him. Instead of tossing out the frivolous suit, the case moved forward, and even though Balistreri won the case, he has had to start a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of his attorney.

Balistreri believes there is an injustice in the court system, and indeed there is.

He told his story to a local CBS affiliate in San Francisco.

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“I heard the noise coming from the front door. I heard clicking, rattling of the door handle,” he recalled. “I woke up my father, told him someone’s trying to break into your house, where’s your gun?”

In the dark, Balistreri fired three shots at the 6’4″ intruder as he came face-to-face with him. “There was no knocking, there was no announcement, there was no nothing,” Balistreri said.

Yet, the intruder’s argument in his civil suit was that he was intoxicated and that he thought he was entering a friend’s house.

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