Honest Criminal: Christopher Viatafa Discovered he was on ‘Most Wanted’ List After Googling his Name, Turned himself in

most wantedA California man exercised “good judgment” by turning himself in after Googling his name and finding himself on a “most wanted” website, according to authorities.

A bout of curiosity, followed by guilt, landed Christopher Viatafa in jail last week for a gun-related incident allegedly committed more than seven months ago, police said.

Viatafa was wanted by police in connection with an August 2013 incident involving shooting into an inhabited dwelling, but the 27-year-old had no idea his mugshot was featured on Northern California’s Most Wanted website until he looked himself up on the Internet. When he found out, he was alarmed enough to turn himself in to authorities, according to police.

“Although it wasn’t good judgment that landed him on the website, he did used good judgment to turn himself in after seeing his photo,” San Leandro, Calif., Police said in a statement.

Police said Viatafa was at a private party at the San Leandro Senior Center last August when he got into an argument with some other partygoers.

Viatafa “pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and fired a few rounds into the ground near the people,” according to the police statement.

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