Honeymoon Is Over: Olbermann and Other Liberal Media Figures Turn On Obama

Many liberal reporters and commentators have dismissed or downplayed the emerging Benghazi and Internal Revenue Service scandals as non-scandals or trifling bureaucratic errors.

But reports that the Justice Department has been targeting journalists, first reporters at The Associated Press and now Fox News’ James Rosen, has caused the generally Obama-admiring press to question the purity of their redeemer.

Here are 10 tweets from liberal commentators and reporters expressing outrage on Monday over Rosen-gate:

Unemployed liberal commentator Keith Olbermann:

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My experience dealing with @jamesrosenfnc was unpleasant and contentious. And I fully support him against this unwarranted act by DOJ

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) May 20, 2013


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