HORRIFIC: 5yr-Old Girl Draws How She was SEXUALLY ABUSED by Pervert Priest

This is horrible. Thank goodness the parents caught it when they did. Who knows how long this could have gone on for.

A mother and father in Brazil discovered heart-breaking sketches drawn by their five-year-old girl showing how she was allegedly sexually abused by a priest.

Father Joao da Silva, 54, is said to have admitted the attack after the child’s furious father confronted him in the city of Montes Claros, in Minas Gerais in Brazil.


The girl’s parents found the sketches after their daughter suddenly refused to attend any more of da Silva’s English classes, local media reported.

She was so distraught that they took her to a child psychologist who suspected sexual abuse and urged her parents to search her room for any signs.

Hidden among her books they found six heartbreaking drawings by their daughter detailing the sexual abuse.


One drawing shows a man apparently looming over a child who has a look of abject terror on her face.


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