HORRIFYING: Chicago Thugs MURDER 2yr-Old Child [VIDEO]

Chicago needs its streets cleaned and a complete reform in the urban areas. It’s time that this ‘thug-life’ stops and the kids that reside in the projects are no longer subjected to this violence or forced into living this kind of life.

A two-year-old boy was murdered in Chicago Tuesday afternoon in a gang-related shooting that was streamed on Facebook Live.

Lavontay White was riding in a car with his 20-year-old aunt Breunna Devonte and her boyfriend, 26, around 1:30pm when a gunman cut them off, got out of the car and opened fire on their vehicle.

Devonte, who is pregnant, happened to be filming their journey at the time and recorded herself fleeing the vehicle as shots rang out.

Lavontay is the third child this week to be shot in Chicago.



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