HORRIFYING: Woman Unknowingly Live Tweets Husband’s Death

article-2518556-19DB622600000578-800_634x421In a heartbreaking turn of events that unfolded on social media over the course of two hours, a Washington woman unintentionally live-tweeted the car accident that her own husband was fatally injured in.

Caran Johnson, 41, who goes by the Twitter handle @ScanCouver began tweeting about a two-car collision that occurred on Interstate 205 southbound in Vancouver at around 1.40 pm Pacific time on Wednesday.

However, as she updated her followers on the scene of the accident, the state police scanner enthusiast became increasingly worried when she realized her husband, Craig Johnson, 47, would be traveling home on the same route.

Her tweets quickly became harrowing as the frantic mother wrote that not only was her husband late, but he hadn’t answered his phone as she began to suspect the worst – only for her profile to be suddenly updated with the stark words, ‘it’s him. he died.’

Creeping panic: Caran lets her followers know that her mind is racing after her husband fails to return home

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Desperate: Caran tries to contact some of her Twitter sources at the Columbian police department to ask if the car could be her husband's Hyundai
Terror: Caran informs her followers that she is losing her cool amid her total panic at not hearing from her husband Craig 

Sinking feeling: Caran still has not heard from her husband, even after calling his cell phone and his work  

Hope: Caran even request advice from her followers who have been trying to comfort her  

Caran waited no time at all calling the police who ominously told her that they would call her back 

Sad: While it is not obvious how Caran was on the other side of a Tweet - this moment has poignancy considering what came next 

Heartbreaking: This is the tweet that confirmed Caran's worst fears 


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