Horror of bus passengers as they see pack of hounds ripping fox to pieces

FOX and houndShocked passengers on a bus watched in horror as a pack of hunting hounds ripped a terrified fox to bits on a busy main road.

The exhausted fox had been chased across country when it ran onto the road – where the ten hounds pounced.

An outraged bus passenger used his mobile phone to take a picture of the grisly scene which he posted on Facebook.

Onlookers had to put their hands over their ears as the ten baying hounds attacked the whimpering adult fox.

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Police were today investigating the fox ‘kill’ on the A40 in the village of Abergwilli, near Carmarthen, West Wales.

One of the hounds was also killed when it was hit by a car as it followed the fox onto the country road.

The passenger said on Facebook: ‘This morning on the A40 just coming out of Abergwili a group of hunting dogs came running down from the forest on the hill onto the busy road with a fox and started tearing it to pieces.‘One of the dogs was hit and killed by a car in the process and it was one the most horrible things to experience.

‘If anybody knows who these dogs belong to and whether or not…


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