House of Reps First in Line to Repeal Obama’s Bullsh*t Policies–Are You Excited?

We can’t wait for this to happen! It’s time we move forward. The past is the past and we’ve had enough of it. Let’s get to work, Congress!

Determined to reverse eight years of a Democratic administration, House Republicans are on track to overturn a handful of rules finalized in President Barack Obama’s final months in office to deal with climate change, federal contracting and background checks for gun ownership.

Opponents criticize the regulations as job killers that will hold the U.S. economy back. Now, they’re turning to an oversight tool used successfully only once before to void a rule issued by a federal agency.

All that will be required to make the regulation invalid is a simple majority of both GOP-led chambers approving a joint resolution of disapproval — and the president’s signature. The House will take the first crack this week.

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A look at the regulations being targeted:

Rule to reduce methane emissions on public and tribal lands

The Interior Department updated its regulations to require oil and gas producers to limit flaring, the controlled burning of natural gas for safety, maintenance and other reasons. Also required are inspections for leaks and replacement of equipment that vents large quantities of gas into the air. Most of the gas being burned is methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that’s potent at trapping heat.

FOR: Environmental groups said the rule will reduce up to 180,000 tons of released gas annually, a small step in slowing global warming. They also say that reducing the amount of gas lost through flaring means more gas will be captured to pay for the necessary updates to equipment and power hundreds of thousands of homes.

AGAINST: Industry groups said the rule comes at a time when methane emissions are already falling, and combined with other new regulations, will drive energy production off federal lands. That means less federal revenue and higher costs for consumers.


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