Houston Has Destroyed MSM and Progressive’s Worldview on a Divided Nation

If one thing is certain, its that Harvey’s destruction on the city of Houston put perspective on where our nation really stands.

Al Sharpton recently criticized President Trump’s response over the hurricane. According to the Observer:

“Now is not the time to showboat,” Sharpton said on the Tom Joyner radio show this morning. “Don’t get caught up in the fact that the president went there and said nothing about the victims and showed no empathy. Get caught up in what you gon’ do.”

He urged people to find meaningful ways to assist the victims rather than obsess over the president’s response. “Find a legitimate charity. Find a legitimate church … so that we can do the right thing because these people need our help and we need to be there,” he said.

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Greg Gutfeld, co-host of Fox News’ The Five, had a few words to say about that. Not only to Sharpton, but all leftists…

This is a guy who has lived his life about himself; one of the most self-serving hustlers of our time. He is the exact opposite of what you see in the streets of Houston and everywhere. It’s funny, traditional leftists like him are in malfunction mode. This is why you’re seeing them now blame Trump for this or for that. They’re trying to find a narrative that matches their grim worldview because Harvey has destroyed their worldview.

There’s no more division, there’s no more bigotry, there’s no more racism, conflict — all you’re seeing 24/7 is unity, Americans all the time working together. So they go like: “Well, what can we do now? Let’s go after Trump because that might work.”

Just another note about what Harvey has done, one of the positive things. It offers a contrast to things like Twitter. Twitter encourages things like antagonism because it’s not face-to-face interaction. So I can attack you, or you, or you because we never actually know each other.

You can’t find one example in Harvey coverage of negative human interaction. You can’t find one because it’s face-to-face, it’s human. There’s no antagonism. And it shows you the contrast between — why people have to talk to each other rather then tweet at each other.


Similarly John Nolte from Breitbart is of the same opinion with regards to the media’s role…

By over-blowing and inundating us with 24/7 with strife and violence, by stressing us out, this is the media holding civility and the social compact hostage; demanding we pay a ransom that surrenders merit to identity and individual freedom to government.

In other words, what you see 24/7 on CNN is not America. What you see on CNN, rather, is the America CNN wants to create through lies. The truth is this: even on a Big News night, no more than about 7 million tune into ALL of cable news, and any amount of time spent in the Real World is a revelation of just how little impact and influence the establishment media is having on our country.

And then Houston happened; good heavens, what a great country we are, what a great people we are. The very people who are ordered by the media to hate one another — blacks, Hispanics, whites, southerners, — instead helped, rescued, saved, consoled and soothed one another. From out of state, the Deplorables came, flying the flag of the Cajun Army, volunteering to risk their own lives to save a city that is much more black and Hispanic than not.

What we are seeing in Houston is not the exception, is not the outlier.

What we are seeing in Houston is who we are, is America.

Don’t let anyone tell you different.

When push comes to shove, America tells the leftists media to eat their shit sandwich because we are not a divided nation.

You got to love that!


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