HOW ABOUT NO: Obama Wants to Bring Over Syrian Refugees

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.21.14 AMMost neighboring countries aren’t allowing these ‘refugees’ in because they don’t want to risk a flood of terrorists coming in. HELLO!

The Obama administration is “actively considering” ways to help relieve the European migrant crisis, and among the options on the table is a massive resettlement of “refugees” inside the United States.

Peter Boogaard, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told the Associate Press the United States is in contact with countries in the Middle East and Europe grappling with the migration of nearly 400,000 Middle Eastern and African migrants into Europe.

Boogaard did not elaborate on specific measures being considered, but said they included “refugee resettlement.”

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“Many are fleeing the civil war in Syria and areas in Iraq under the control of Islamic State militants,” the AP reported.

But a closer look at the United Nations refugee agency’s data shows that many of the so-called refugees are likely not refugees at all.

According to data from the U.N. high commissioner for refugees, 75 percent of the migrants who arrived on European soil are men, while 13 percent are children and 12 percent women.

And only a slight majority, 51 percent, of the refugees are Syrian. The remainder are from all over the Middle East and North Africa and many have purchased the passports of dead Syrians.

These passports are easily acquired on the black market in the Middle East, said journalist Daniel Greenfield in an interview Sunday with the Glazov Gang.

“People are just buying Syrian passports, because at the end of the day, how are you going the check them in the middle of a bloody civil war, where hundreds of thousands of people are dead?” he asked. “You can’t just call the Syrians over the phone and ask, ‘Is this guy legitimately living over at 424 Destroyed City Lane?’ So you’ve got a whole bunch of people who are pretending to be Syrian refugees. It’s a major problem in France. It’s a major problem in Europe. It’s a major problem here (in the U.S.), but the Obama administration is really eager to find new undocumented Democratic voters anywhere it can.”

In Budapest, another video captured and posted to YouTube shows chaos breaking out on a city square as police tried to round up hundreds of migrants while they chanted “F— you!”

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, said the refugee crisis is being driven by “two errors” – Obama’s failed promise to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, and Germany’s “irresponsible” announcement to lay out the welcome mat for 800,000 migrants. That invitation has caused Turkey to start emptying out its refugee camps, Bolton told Fox News, sending them on toward Europe.

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