How to Answer a Gun-Grabbing Liberal Why You NEED an AR-15

imageedit_2205_5595684617If you want to give another answer other than, ‘It’s none of your damn business’, then check this out. reports an Amish man is suing the government over his right to buy a gun without a photo ID:

In a somewhat unique case addressing both Second Amendment and religious freedoms, an Amish man from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, filed a federal lawsuit Friday after he was denied the purchase of a firearm because he does not have a photo ID, an item which he claims goes against his religious beliefs.

Andrew Hertzler is an “active and practicing” member of the Amish community and, according to the suit, “has a sincerely held religious belief that prevents him from knowingly and willingly having his photograph taken and stored,” citing a Bible passage from Exodus 20:4. While such a belief wouldn’t typically be an issue within the Amish community, it proved to be a problem when Hertzler attempted to purchase a gun from a local dealer back in June.

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Although Hertzler presented a “non-photo, state-issued identification,” he was denied the purchase and told a photo ID was required. Hertzler, in turn, took the issue to Sen. Pat Toomey, who forwarded the information to the ATF. But the response from the ATF was simple: Federal law requires a photo ID to purchase firearms and there are no exceptions.

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