HUMA IN HIDING: Is Hillary About To Throw Abedin Under the Bus to Save Her Own Skin?

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-9-24-56-amEverything that could go wrong for Hillary is going wrong. And with only a few days to go, will Hillary throw  her closest aid under the bus to save her own skin? Huma has good reason to be in hiding.

Questions are mounting about Huma Abedin’s future in Hillary Clinton’s campaign after FBI director James Comey announced the agency is investigating potentially classified emails on her disgraced husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Abedin is in hiding at her Manhattan apartment while her boss continues to campaign – as a new ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, taken after the revelation, shows her campaign in crisis with Trump just one point behind Clinton, with 45 percent support to her 46 percent.

Last week, Clinton was up 12 points, meaning that she lost a double-digit lead in a week’s time.

A third of the likely voters polled said they were less likely to cast a vote for Clinton because of this additional email probe.

Clinton’s closest aide has reportedly pleaded ignorance about how the emails ended up on her husband’s laptop – and were subsequently found by FBI agents after exposed him sexting a 15-year-old girl.

And even worse for her situation, Abedin swore under oath that she had handed over all of her devices that could hold emails relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. If she’s found to have lied she could face up to five years in jail.

Now Clinton’s aides are reportedly urging her to distance herself from Abedin, who has been her aide for more than a decade and who she regards as almost a daughter, according to the New York Times.

Clinton’s longtime aide has told colleagues she has no idea how the emails ended up on her husband’s computer, and insists she rarely used it. The Washington Post also reported that her lawyers didn’t hand over the device because they didn’t think it contained any of her emails.

In sworn statements made during a deposition, she said she had handed over all the devices where the pertinent emails were kept. If authorities prove she was lying, she could be charged with perjury, which carries a sentence of up to five years in federal prison.

Abedin remained holed up in her New York City apartment on Saturday night, a day after her husband’s sexting of a 15-year-old girl, which was exposed by, led the FBI to sensationally reopen its investigation into Clinton’s emails.

While her boss campaigned in Miami and her aides went to war with FBI director James Comey for his ‘unprecedented and deeply troubling’ decision, Abedin was notably absent and looked solemn at her Manhattan home.

Weiner’s sexting investigation is a serious blow to Clinton’s campaign in the tightening presidential race.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that Trump has enjoyed a resurgence in the last week, and has recovered from the flurry of sexual misconduct claims.

As Clinton carried on trying to drum up votes ahead of the final stretch, a solemn-looking Abedin could be seen inside her Gramercy Park apartment in loungewear as she spent time with her mother and sister.

Reports say agents found thousands of emails on the shared laptop which merit further investigation.

When Clinton was Secretary of State, Abedin had email accounts on the State Department server, Hillary’s controversial private server and Yahoo.

Conflicting reports suggest the emails could either have been sent from Abedin to Clinton, forwarded between Abedin’s accounts so she could more easily print them off, or duplicates of emails already investigated by the FBI earlier this year.

As of Saturday night, the FBI still has not received the green light from the Justice Department for a warrant allowing the agency to read the newly discovered emails to determine if they contain classified information, Yahoo News reported.

As she stayed off the campaign trail in one of the campaign’s critical final days, Abedin may have to contend with some of her sworn statements in a Judicial Watch lawsuit, when she got asked how she went about searching for records she turned over to the State Department.

‘I looked for all the devices that may have any of my State Department work on it and returned — returned — gave them to my attorneys for them to review for all relevant documents. And gave them devices and paper,’ Abedin said.

Asked what devices she handed over, Abedin replied: ‘If memory serves me correctly, it was two laptops, a BlackBerry, and some files that I found in my apartment, Abedin said.

The devices were requested as part of a lawsuit by the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch and were later reviewed by the FBI.

Abedin then told Judicial Watch attorney Ramona Cotca that she was ‘not involved in the process’ of selecting what documents on her devices would be given to the State Department.

She said she asked her attorneys ‘to find whatever they thought was relevant and appropriate, whatever was their determination as to what was a federal record’.

‘And they did,’ she added. ‘They turned the materials in, and I know they did.’

Abedin, one of Clinton’s most trusted aides, said she conducted ‘the majority’ of her work at her computer and Blackberry but also gave her attorneys the login and password to her personal ‘’ account.

She said she relied on her State Department email for the ‘vast majority’ of her work, but admitted there were occasions she used the account for ‘State-related matters’.

While Abedin remained in New York, Clinton traveled without her to Daytona Beach, Florida, where she took her war against Comey right to her own supporters during a rally.

This is the internal memo obtained by Fox News that Comey sent out. He noted he felt an 'obligation' to inform lawmakers about the investigation given he had testified repeatedly in recent months that the investigation was completed


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