HUMA’S MUSLIM JOURNAL: Bill Clinton BOMBED Saddam to Distract from MONICA Scandal…

I bet Hillary hired Huma because Bill doesn’t like her for this. Do you believe it? It seems far fetched, but with the Clinton’s I wouldn’t put it past them.

An article in the Muslim journal where Huma Abedin was assistant editor claimed Bill Clinton bombed Saddam Hussein to deflect from his Monica Lewinsky affair.

The claim made made in an article published in the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, where Abedin was a member of the editorial board – the group of people who decide what is published in the academic journal.

It is the latest bombshell to emerge from the archives of the journal, whose editor-in-chief is Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, an academic in Saudi Arabia.

Abedin, who is not an academic, has been Hillary Clinton‘s closest aide since spending time as an intern at the White House, at exactly the time the Monica Lewinsky scandal was unfolding.

But the version of events published in her journal is one which is unlikely to be embraced by the presidential candidate, and especially not by Bill Clinton.

It is outlined in a provocative article published in 2002, and  headlined: ‘Arab/Muslim ‘Otherness’: The Role of Racial Constructions in the Gulf War and the Continuing Crisis with Iraq.’

The article was written by Sina Ali Muscati who was the time described as a ‘second year law student’ at the University of Ottawa. His academic credentials were not declared.

Muscati wrote about the 1991 conflict and its aftermath, which saw Saddam Hussein remain in power throughout the 1990s, despite being bombed twice – in 1996 and in December 1998.

‘The crisis with Iraq has also probably benefited Clinton, serving as a good deterrent of attention from personal crises, such as his campaign funding scandals, legislative failures, or the Monica Lewinsky affair,’ he said.

‘By occasionally bombing Iraq in the name of humanity, at least, he has been able to look strong and presidential.’

Clinton’s bombing of Iraq in December 1998 was widely mocked as ‘Monica’s war’.

He ordered four days of strikes by bombers and cruise missiles at the height of his impeachment trial, brought in the wake of his admission that he had had a ‘not appropriate’ relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

The strikes – known as Operation Desert Fox- were ordered the day after the House of Representatives issued a report accusing the president of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ and ended on the day the articles of impeachment were passed.

Previous strikes in 1996, Operation Desert Strike, were ordered during a campaign finance scandal.

Among the other allegations leveled in the article are claims that the Gulf War of 1991 was driven by a desire for profits and political gain, with the U.S. government and media glossing over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who were ‘demonized’ and ‘characterized as subhuman’.

The article claimed that President George HW Bush, who ordered the invasion by a U.S.-led coalition force, saw his support rating jump nearly 90 per cent following the war. In fact he was voted out of office after his first term.

The 2002 article claimed that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died ‘directly from the war, from subsequent civil strife, or from the American and British enforced UN sanctions’.

It goes on: ‘Following the Gulf War, Iraqi rebellions publicly urged by the then President [HW] George Bush, but which received no American support, led to tens of thousands more Iraqis killed or made homeless by their army, almost under the noses of retreating American troops.

‘Subsequent sanctions have led to even more Iraqi deaths, including over 600,000 Iraqi children alone.’

The journal article said that Iraqis were viewed with a ‘racist outlook’ and described in the media, by the U.S. government and military in terms including ‘cockroaches’ and ‘barbaric’, pitting Muslims and Arabs as evil against a humanitarian Western force.

The article also questioned the motives behind the 1991 Gulf War – suggesting that the real reason was to protect American access to Middle Eastern oil and not for the liberation of Kuwait, as the U.S. government had claimed.


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