HUMA’S MUSLIM, RACIST JOURNAL: Articles Embracing Anti-Western, Homophobic, Anti-Feminist and Anti-Semitic Views

Hillary is going to have to do some damage control with this one. I think even Hillary bit off more than she can chew with Huma. What do you think?

An Islamic journal where Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, was assistant editor published an article accusing Jews of ‘working the American political system’ – and being aided by the ‘memory of the Holocaust’.

Abedin, who is vice-chair of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, spent 12 years as an assistant editor for Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs.

Her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is the journal’s editor-in-chief and has been accused of espousing the views of the Muslim Brotherhood through the publication.

Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan, is an associate editor and her sister, Heba, is an assistant editor.

Huma Abedin was listed on the journal’s masthead for more than a decade after she joined Clinton’s team in 1996, rising from White House intern to one of the presidential nominee’s closest confidantes.

She is a likely pick for chief of staff in a Clinton administration.

The magazine’s views have continually clashed with the ideological principles in which Clinton has rooted her political career, including articles embracing anti-Western, homophobic, anti-feminist and anti-Semitic views.

One article, published during Huma Abedin’s tenure, claimed that many Americans have a ‘distorted and negative view’ of Islam, Muslims and Arabs – ranging from perceptions of ‘poverty, filth, the desert’ to ideas that ‘their ‘sport’ (other than sex, of course) is to destabilize Western economies and ruin the world in order to master it’.

The piece from 1999 also alleges that there are deep ties between the upper echelons of U.S. politics and pro-Israeli, Jewish-Americans, suggesting that Jewish people have been able to ‘work the system’ and are ‘greatly aided by the American memory of the Holocaust’ and Israel serving as America’s ally in the Middle East.

The article was written by Michael W. Suleiman, a professor of Arab studies at Kansas State University who died of cancer in 2010.

‘Within the US, pro-Israeli support has been strong among Jewish Americans, whereas Muslim and Arab Americans (another ethnic community) have sympathized with the Palestinians,’ the article reads.

‘However, Jewish Americans have had a distinct advantage over Muslims and Arabs in the US in that they are better organized, more committed, more united, and generally far better adept at working the American political system of presidential democracy.

‘In this they have been greatly aided by the American memory of the Holocaust, the use of Israel as an American ‘strategic ally’ in the Middle East, as well as by the active missionary zeal and political support of Christian Zionists.’

The article goes on to say that while other minority groups in the U.S. have made great progress in equality, ‘it seems that the only people that continue to be presented negatively and maligned with impunity are the Muslims/Arabs’.

According to the journal, ‘the mass media and especially the entertainment industry has both fostered and re-enforced the image of Muslims/Arabs as villains’.

The purpose of viewing Muslims as ‘the enemy’, the article claims, is to keep them out of the political arena, adding that: ‘Some powerful politicians perceive (or find it politically convenient to perceive) Islam/Arabs/Arabism as a threat to the national interest.’

‘Other reasons include the impact of the religious (Christian) right (especially the millenarians), the influence of pro-Israeli Zionist groups, and the fact that many politicians find that the American political system and the role of pressure groups in it force them to avoid association with Muslims/Arabs (a potential political liability) and/or to seek favor with pro-Israeli supporters, a likely political asset.’

The article concludes that Muslims are often successfully excluded from American politics by way of ‘handicaps, rebuffs, and dirty tricks’.

In the wake of 9/11, Abedin’s mother wrote an editorial suggesting that the U.S. bore responsibility for al-Qaeda’s attack.


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