The Humor Code: According to Science, Chicago is the ‘Funniest City’ in America

Scientists say they have figured out a way to determine an entire city’s sense of humor and have come up with a list of the 10 funniest cities in America.

Although, if you think New York City and Los Angeles – cities typically known for their comedy clubs and improv schools – top the list, think again.

The top three funniest cities in America are Chicago, Boston and Atlanta, respectively – according to researchers at the University of Colorado’s Humor Research Lab.

‘I think what ends up happening is that the nature of New York City is at a bit of an advantage when it comes to humor, but it’s also at a disadvantage because there’s a lot of things to do in new York that pulls the population in different directions,’ Peter McGraw, the professor who created the algorithm as part of “The Humor Code,” a new book about what makes things funny, and why, told ABC News.

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According to McGraw, New York was near the top of the list in terms of a city that relies on humor to cope with stress. Additionally, the city is home to some comedic institutions, like Saturday Night Live and the Upright Citizens Brigade improv school.

New York is also home to several late-night talk shows like the Late Show, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show and The Colbert Report, to name a few.

McGraw also says that New York is a good place for a young comedian to get their start, given the large number of comedy clubs in the Big Apple.

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