Hundreds of Teachers Sign Up for Concealed Carry Class

Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County Ohio wanted to do something pro-active after the Valentine’s Day shooting at the Parkland, FL., high school, so he offered free concealed carry training for 50 teachers.

Within 24 hours, the sheriff’s office received 250 applications from teachers to take his course.

According to Breitbart News, Jones first promoted the class on Sunday. Just 20 minutes after posting the class for registration, 50 emails were already in his inbox.

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Following up on the class, Fox 91 stated that just two days later the registration went up to 250 teachers looking to train in Jones’ concealed carry course. Commenting on the massive response, the sheriff said, “We have 250 and growing fast. We will start training fast, next week.”

He continued, “If the school boards want to give the authority to teachers to be armed…[they] can do that, they have the authority to do it, but I’m going to do my part, and I assume I’m probably the only one in the state of Ohio that’s doing that – but something has to happen.”

Aren’t you glad sheriffs like Jones exist?

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