HUNTERS: What Do African Lions Mean To Local Hunters Elsewhere In The World?

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Local or exotic, domestic or international, hunting everywhere shares a common threat: anti-hunting efforts. Anti-hunting efforts are global, so their victories anywhere make them more powerful everywhere. When we lose a hunting opportunity in one place, it has an impact on all hunters.  Anti-hunters are working against hunting by targeting certain species, types of hunting, types of ammunition and even entire countries.  We, as hunters, are in the crosshairs of the anti-hunting groups. Literally, they want to make us an extinct subspecies.

Anti-hunters are akin to a pack of wolves, circling their prey and attempting to pick off the outlying individuals before moving in for the big kill. Yes, they want to kill hunting – all hunting everywhere – the entire pack.  Attacks are becoming more frequent and intense as the well organized and well-funded anti-hunting interests expand their scope and reach.

If successful in far-away lands over species that most hunters will never hunt, the antis then will come ashore in North America, Europe, South America and other places to drive a stake through the heart of all hunting there, as well. Yesterday the seals and polar bear. Today, the African lion. Tomorrow, one species at a time, the antis will go for everything else. Yes, it’s for all the marbles.

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