HUNTERS IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Anti-Hunting Lunatics Breath Out Death Threats Against Hunters

petafreaksI am not a sport hunter, but when anti-hunters began a targeted online smear campaign towards Melissa Bachman, hunters everywhere took notice. Even as someone with no real inclination to hunt abroad, I couldn’t help but feel as though they were attacking all of us.

The prevalent feeling among hunters I’ve talked with is that if a hunter can be endlessly slandered and attacked in Africa when they’ve obeyed every game law there, it won’t be long until the same fight comes to our shores.

There is a section of the global population that genuinely HATES hunters. It is not a reasonable contempt or simple disdain, it is a deep seated hatred.

Their arguments are often rooted in a fundamental desire that no animals be harmed by a human for any reason. They fight with raw emotion and…

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