Hunting and Shooting Industry Targets Women for the ‘Sarah Palin Effect’

Regis Giles, a 19-year-old college student in Miami, has never competed in a shooting competition but was called one of America’s “hottest hunters” by the Daily Mail.

Giles, studying business as a sophomore, started building a brand, “Girls Just Want to Have Guns,” complete with mugs, t-shirts and other apparel featuring a heart and pistol. Her own television show is in the works with Pursuit Channel, which is scheduled to air in spring 2011.

Called “Primal Urge,” Giles said it will be a weekly hunting and fishing show. She added that she will use different types of weapons and host guests such as hunting newcomers and her family and friends.

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Giles, who calls herself a conservationist and a believer in the Second Amendment, tries to practice the “fair chase hunt,” in which a hunter does not have an improper advantage over an animal. For example, she has introduced female friends who have never hunted to hunting hogs with spears.

“They absolutely loved it,” said Giles. “They were smiling from ear to ear their first time.”



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