Hunting Terrorists: The Hunt for French Intelligence Officer Turned ISIS Terrorist Intensifies As Plot To Attack US Is Revealed

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Hope they find him soon. This guy needs to be exterminated ASAP.

A former French intelligence officer who defected to Al Qaeda in Iraq was one of the targets of US air strikes last month, it has been revealed.

The unnamed man, said to be one of the highest ranking Western officials to join the terror group, is believed to have survived the attack, which hit eight different locations occupied by the Nursa Front.

His identity has been kept a secret with some saying his defection was one of the most dangerous developments in the on-going battle with the militant organization.

According to McClatchy DC he is a former explosives expert with an Arab family and his movements are being closely watched by Western authorities.

One European official told the site that they had tried to take the defected official out with a strike rather than capture him because of the desire to keep his existence a secret.

The aerial bombardments by the US and its allies focused on the Khorosan group, a unit said to be planning an imminent attack on the West, but Islamic State positions were also hit.

The only member of the Khorosan group who has been named and identified as a target in the strikes is Mushin Al Fadhl who was killed.

He was named as the leader of the Al Qaeda-affiliated cell – a radical terror collective specializing in intercepting Western jihadists on their arrival in Syria, and training them to carry out deadly bomb attacks on targets in their home nations.

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