HUNTING THE HUNTER: Has Outrage of the Dentist Who Hunted Cecil the Lion Gone too Far? [WATCH]

I would have to say, yes.

On July 31, Nick Pinizzotto, president and CEO of the Sportsmen’s Alliance and Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, appeared on the national morning news show CBS This Morning.

The impetus for Pinizzotto’s appearance was the national discussion surrounding the killing of “Cecil” the lion by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer in the African country of Zimbabwe. And while the Sportsmen’s Alliance is privy only to the same information publicly available, Pinizzotto cautions against a rush to judgment based only on the few facts currently known.

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“While the facts of the case are still coming in, we are certainly concerned by the reports. No respected conservation organization would condone poaching, but we are also concerned about the crazed rush to judgment we’re seeing play out in the media, by celebrities on social media, and animal-rights organizations. This mob mentality is simply unacceptable, and in some cases can even be dangerous as it escalates to threats of harm and even death,” said Pinizzotto.

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