Hurricane Harvey Dumps 11 Trillion Gallons of Water on Houston, Thousands of People are…

It is being reported that the damage Hurricane Harvey has done might be equal to the destruction of Katrina. Right now, thousands of people are stranded on rooftops waiting to be rescued.

Houston is America’s fourth largest city and the majority of it is underwater.

The police department has requested that any civilians with boats to help them. Authorities have received over 6,000 rescue calls, while other residents are using social media to plea for help.

Harvey is a historic storm, as it has already dumped a devastating 11 trillion gallons of water and it hasn’t stopped. There are another 27 inches of rain falling still and an addition 23 expected to come within the next few days.

Experts said the aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane could equal the level of destruction of Katrina in 2005.

The storm has claimed the lives at least five people and FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, revealed it would take the area years to recover from the storm which is the worst this decade.

Galveston County alone estimates that up to 1,200 people had to be rescued from the ‘life-threatening’ waters on Sunday, as more trapped residents fled to rooftops trying to wave down emergency responders to be saved.

Houston’s mayor told residents not to evacuate, but since the storm thousands were forced to look for higher ground due to flood waters.

People from Louisiana — known as the ‘Cajun Navy’ — have joined the rescue efforts, using their private boats to access the stranded residents in the flooded parts of Texas.

The organization formed in 2016 during the Louisiana summer flood. It is comprised of hundreds of volunteers whom own boats.

On Sunday, the Houston Police Department made a call for volunteers on Twitter asking people with boats to call a number and help the department out.

People frantically used Facebook to post photos of their dire situations and shared their location in hopes that they would be saved. One woman posted on behalf of her friend with five children who were stranded on a roof.

Daily Mail

The friend wrote: ‘Anybody please my friend is losing faith she feels like they running out of time’.

Rescuers have responded promptly to the emergency situation. Hopefully there are very few fatalities due to this storm.


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