‘I AM A REVOLUTIONARY!’: #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Burn American Flag Over #Justice4Jamar Court Decision

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.35.42 AMHow long do you think it will take before they start rioting and vandalizing stores?

Angry Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis chanted “I am a revolutionary!” and set fire to the American flag after a Hennepin County attorney announced there will be no charges against police officers involved in the shooting death of convicted felon Jamar Clark.

As Breitbart News reported yesterday, an investigation found the shooting was justified. At a press conference early Wednesday morning, Attorney Mike Freeman contested one of the chief claims of the protesters; that Clark was handcuffed when shot. Freeman said “Forensic evidence and video evidence both support the belief that Clark was not handcuffed at any time through the altercation.”

A report issued along with other pieces of evidence showed that Jamar Clark had impeded the work of EMTs who were trying to help the girlfriend that he had assaulted and left unable to walk and with a bruised face.

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Clark then began calling paramedic Thompson a “pussy” and “bitch” and told (his girlfriend) Hayes that he was going to come see her. The paramedics loaded Hayes into the ambulance and locked the doors. (EMTs) Thompson and Haskell were very afraid at this point.


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