‘I BLAME HILLARY’: Mother of Benghazi Victim Gives Speech That Will Have You Sobbing [VIDEO]

Her speech will leave you speechless. Hillary should be in jail. So sad.

Patricia Smith — a Benghazi victim’s mother — wept while blaming Hillary Clinton for her son’s 2012 death during the embassy attack and Donald Trump was not even listening.

The presumed Republican nominee called into the “O’Reilly Factor” to discuss the convention rather than tune into the staunch Trump supporter slam his Democratic opponent while breaking down in tears.

“I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son,” cried Smith, as sympathetic audience members wiped tears from their faces while watching her prime-time speech at the Cleveland, Ohio, convention.

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The Fox News interview with the White House hopeful pre-empted Smith’s speech at the time. The candidate missed the distraught mother’s outpouring of emotion while pumping wife Melania Trump’s Monday night address to O’Reilly.

He also used his 10 minutes on air to bash Ohio Gov. John Kasich for skipping the GOP meetup and bemoan Black Lives Matter protesters.

“I’m probably the least racist person there is,” Trump told O’Reilly.


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