I DIDN’T MEAN IT! Madonna Back Tracks on Her Blowing Up the White House Statement After She Comes Under Investigation

Oh dear, words don’t work that way. You can’t just take them back. They were said and now you are paying the price for that. This is why it is so important to think before you speak.

Madonna has spoken out via Instagram to clarify the statements she made in her impassioned speech during the Women’s March on Washington.

The Secret Service has reportedly said it will investigate her claim that she has thought about ‘blowing up the White House’.

She posted a photo of herself in the same furry black coat she wore to the march, overlain with white lettering that stated: ‘I choose love! Are you with me?’

In her photo caption, she continued, saying: Yesterday’s Rally. was an amazing and beautiful experience. I came and performed Express Yourself and thats exactly what i did.


‘However I want to clarify some very important things. I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in it’s entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context.’

‘My speech began with ” I want to start a revolution of love.” ♥️ I then go on to take this opportunity to encourage women and all marginalized people to not fall into despair but rather to come together and use it as a starting point for unity and to create positive change in the world.

‘I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things — one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt.

‘However, I know that acting out of anger doesn’t solve anything. And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love.’

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